Becoming Healthy

Sermon: Pastor Chad A. Kirchoff

“i DO”

 Matt. 18:1-11 (ESV)  It is St. Michael and All Angels Sunday.  Do you believe in Angels? If yes, say “i DO”.  Come learn why GOD says I DO forgive sins.

 Where FAITH & FITNESS COME TOGETHER:  Of the People; For the People and With the People.  

 It is wonderful becoming healthy and staying strong.  God continues to provide for all people. He is always moving to them for a fuller and abundant life.  People come to Church because God invites them home to be healthy.  Here, the Lord Develops mind, body and soul so people have an opportunity to live, play and work a full life.  ReDO fitness is providing opportunities for the folks of Hastings to succeed based on diligence, hard work, virtue and ambition.  Pastor Chad invites you to Catch The Inspiration to be healthy.

 “Doing LIFE TOGETHER”:  Wednesday Bible Meeting 6 pm to 7 pm; Study the Word of God and develop good habits; with Rev. Chad A. Kirchoff.  “Sin, Faith, Duty” Luke 17:1-10  In school we are taught to have individual and his or her rights.  Come and Learn how Jesus teaches the importance of family responsibilities and service to others

“Faith Journey”: Thursday at 7:00 pm. Faith Journey is a high school / young adult study group that has great discussions and music. Join us and bring your friends! Located in the sanctuary lead by Jackson C. Kirchoff

“HEADS, UP!”: Open Table Discussion with Rev. Pastor Chad A. Kirchoff every Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Next topic is  “Should Education Be Free?”    Free stuff! Woohoo! Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Those who get education without paying for it; are they as able to see the value as those who have to pay?

Next Readings:  Hab. 1:1-4; 4; 2:1-4; Psalm 62, 2 Tim. 1:1-14; Luke 17:1-10

Luv.YA! Pastor Chad: mobile 612-751-1300 or Church: 651-437-7010.