Chad Kirchoff is the founder of ReDO fitness.

Chad Kirchoff is the founder of ReDO fitness.

Mind, Body and Soul

Many church ministries get started because someone has a passion. With ReDO fitness, that person is Chad Kirchoff. 

After being a successful entrepreneur—being co-founder of the Snap Fitness franchise industry—he sold out his half of a partnership in answer to a higher calling: pastoral ministry. 

Knowing that the fitness arena was a popular need for a diverse and physically sedate America, Chad focused his energies—when he wasn't studying for exams—on the idea of melding both spiritual and physical fitness in one venue. 

It is Chad's dream to create a safe haven for nurturing relationships with other members and with the Lord. It is at ReDO fitness that a member will be able to ask questions, be encouraged, receive guidance, learn about saving Grace—all, while also learning how to become physically fit, and what is more, not to be judged.

It is our desire that you partner with us in Chad's dream, and like us, make it yours also. To God be the glory!

—the ReDO fitness board members