One Life To Live

Where FAITH & FITNESS COME TOGETHER:  Of the People; For the People and With the People.  

 It has been said, “I have one life to live, so I am going to live it to the fullest.” For followers of Christ, that is most certainly true. It has been said, “I have nothing to lose and everything to gain in life.” That is also true, but saying it is easier than doing it.  Everyone needs help to live to the fullest.  S.O.T.V. ReDO fitness HELPS! Here is a safe place for people to cherish and LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST.  There is no jumping off cliffs, no parachuting from airplanes or anything extreme, only a little adventure.  Adding small things like working out, joining the Heads-Up table talks, or attending the Doing Life Together group automatically moves people out of their comfort zone.  Pastor Chad welcome you, to LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST, make new friends, and gain a new perspective.

Your Contributions are completely voluntary: Your charity shares the GOOD NEWS of The Lord Jesus Christ!

If you believe in a Good community, go online to and become a contributing member of DOING GOOD.  

What to Give: For non-church goers, a voluntary gift of $12 a month is suggested.  For the followers of Jesus Christ, .7% to .10% of your monthly income. 

Why Give: It makes you a part of something bigger.  You become invested as an Ambassador for DOING GOOD for the Common Wealth of Hastings.  It’s the right thing to do. It is written; God loves a cheerful giver.

Bonus: You receive the following:

“Doing LIFE TOGETHER”:  Wednesday Bible Meeting 6 pm to 7 pm; Study the Word of God and develop good habits; with Rev. Chad A. Kirchoff.  “Do Not Worry” Luke 12:22-34  Are you plagued by constant worries and anxious thoughts? Come and calm your worried mind and ease anxiety. 

“Faith Journey”: Thursday at 7:00 pm. Faith Journey is a high school / young adult study group that has great discussions and music. Join us and bring your friends! Located in the sanctuary lead by Jackson C. Kirchoff

“HEADS, UP!”: Open Table Discussion with Rev. Pastor Chad A. Kirchoff every Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Next topic is  “What Is Your Favorite MOVIE, Why?   Movies are influential and a source of entertainment and escapism. Table talks takes a reality check on what people’s eyes are seeing.

Next Readings:  Gen. 15:1-6; Psalm 33:12-22; Heb. 11:1-16; Luke 12:22-34

Luv.YA! Pastor Chad: mobile 612-751-1300 or Church: 651-437-7010.