Opportunities and Challenges

Where FAITH & FITNESS COME TOGETHER:  Of the People; For the People and With the People.  

 Opportunities and challenges come in all shapes and sizes, from very tiny to very large. The same is true with the people we love and serve at S.O.T.V ReDO fitness. There is no such thing as an opportunity without challenges or challenges without opportunities.  The larger the challenge is, the bigger the opportunities are.  Someone once said, “I would rather fail trying than to succeed at doing nothing.”  ReDO fitness prepares the Hastings community with fit skills and experiences to better meet the challenges of the world. Pastor Chad reminds the folks to keep trying, “it is not the challenges we face, but how we react to them.”

 “Doing LIFE TOGETHER”:  Wednesday Bible Meeting 6 pm to 7 pm; Study the Word of God and develop good habits; with Rev. Chad A. Kirchoff. Session 4 - Did The Church Make Jesus Divine?. “How We Got The Bible” featuring the videos of Dr. Paul L. Maier.  Luke 9:46-62. “Who Will Be the Greatest?”  In the study, Luke, we discuss what greatness is.

 “Faith Journey”: Thursday at 7:00 pm. Faith Journey is a high school / young adult study group that has great discussions and music. Join us and bring your friends! Located in the sanctuary lead by Jackson C. Kirchoff

“HEADS, UP!”: Open Table Discussion with Rev. Pastor Chad A. Kirchoff every Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Next topic is  “What is the key to solving life’s problems? ”   Pastor Chad welcomes you to the table; to discuss how life’s challenges need to met with perseverance, self-confidence, and a positive mentality.

Next Readings:  1 Kings 19:9-21; Psalm 16; Gal. 5:1,13-25; Luke 9:51-62

Luv.YA! Pastor Chad: mobile 612-751-1300 or Church: 651-437-7010.