Grace of Jesus Christ

Where FAITH & FITNESS COME TOGETHER:  Of the People; For the People and With the People.  

 You are the Congregation of the DO’ers of GOOD.  We all need help and by the Grace of Jesus Christ we are Helped.  ReDO fitness offers good news and solutions to worldly problems.  Because of your love and support, people live better lives. Thank you for HELPING.  Here is what your hard earned dollars go toward.

  • Mind: Higher Levels of Thinking

  • Body: Stronger Healthy Bodies

  • Soul: Nourished from the Word of God

  • Social: Safe place for connecting people to God and with each other

  • Faith and fitness activities building ongoing relationships with all people

  • Reaching into the lives of disconnected people in high-need

  • Incorporating fitness activities to develop constructive life skills

  • Building a strong community of encouragement. Welcome HOME.

Contributors share the GOOD NEWS of The Lord Jesus Christ!

If you believe in a Good community, Please keep our community Good by going online to and becoming a contributing member of GOOD.  May God Bless You. Luv.YA!Pastor Chad

You membership includes:

 “Doing LIFE TOGETHER”:  Wednesday Bible Meeting 6pm to 7pm; Study the Word of God and develop good habits; with Rev. Chad A. Kirchoff. Help For The Lost “ Heb. 3:1-19  Learn about entering into God’s Rest.  Rediscover Who It Is that helps bring you HOME.

 “Faith Journey”: Thursday Night at 7:00pm. Faith Journey is a high school / young adult study group that has great discussions and music. Join us and bring your friends! Located in the sanctuary lead by: Jackson C. Kirchoff and Noah Kullmann

“HEADS UP!”: Open Table Discussion every Monday from 6:00 pm to 7:00pm Next topic is  Is Anger, Good or Bad?”

Next Sunday Duet. 34:1-12, Psalm 99, Heb. 3:1-6, Luke 9:28-36

Luv.YA! Pastor Chad: mobile 612-751-1300 or Church: 651-437-7010.