Honoring our Heroes!

We now serve over 925 souls

Thank you for being a ReDO fitness Faith Hero! 

 "Supporting lives being changed is a perfect reason to become a hero. Who would have thought of a fitness center where people can gather to share their faith and listen to Christian music? I love to see the young people growing in faith and working on their health at the same time. These youth will bring this energy to our schools. As an adult community, we can gather and build relationships. There are so many opportunities to meet as small groups to share our faith. Even better if we can lose a few pounds and build some muscle alomg the way! Why wouldn't I support a cause that can change a community one life at a time?" - Hero, Lori Duong

Will YOU Help us Grow?

Pastor Chad at ReDO desires to transform our community with the saving word of Jesus Christ. If you would like to 'pay it forward' with ReDO, please consider electronic giving. It is a convenient, consistent way to help the Church with Muscle grow! Consider scheduling a recurring electronic gift today! Simply click on the Give Here link below and you will be directed to "ReDO - Shepherd of the Valley Hastings."

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