Where FAITH & FITNESS COME TOGETHER: Faith and fitness of the people; for the people and with the people.   God’s People ARE TRANSFORMERS. They can be found training their skills at ReDO fitness.   ReDO is the safe place, THE Life-Enhancing place. Where the people who come go away with many FREE GIFTS: life skills, physical fitness, creativity thinking, collaboration, flexibility and emotional intelligence. These are God’s Gift to all who Believe.  The future is indeed secure and safe for all who BELIEVE. This year 2019 will be Prosperous and SUCCESSFUL, but not by those who are the smartest, strongest or finest; but by those who believe in JESUS CHRIST- GOD’s GREATEST GIFT to ALL PEOPLE. Allow yourself to introduce the Love of Jesus to your friends and family; invite them HOME to ReDO fitness, where Miracles Happen Every Day.  Luv.YA!PastorChad

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“Doing LIFE TOGETHER”:  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! January 9th is the next meeting

“Faith Journey”: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! January 10th is the next meeting

“HEADS UP!”: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! January 7th is the next meeting

Luv.YA! Pastor Chad: mobile 612-751-1300 or Church: 651-437-7010.