People Feel Comfortable

Where FAITH & FITNESS COME TOGETHER: Faith and fitness of the people; for the people and with the people. ReDO fitness is a 21st Century Church that addresses a “Safe Place”.  ReDO is a place where Hastings Citizens can relax and be fully themselves. In God’s House, all people are equal. For over two years, folks have experienced “Fitness Life Together” a Safe Place. This is possible in Jesus Christ; in HIM there is no fear; in Christ, people feel comfortable; in Christ, all people are made welcomed; being equal in God’s House includes male & female, race & ethnicity, all ages. In God’s House, His followers guard each person's dignity and pride. Pastor Chad encourages us to respect other people, other denominations, and other people’s faith.  Bring the hurting and lost folks home to ReDO fitness Church a “Safe Place”.