Church Can Be Different

ReDO Fitness. Yes it's a church! Yes it's a fitness center! Yes it's different! 

There are thousands of people out there right now who are willing to walk through the doors of a fitness center, but will never be willing to walk through the doors of a traditional church. So how do we reach them? How do we connect? 

We invite them to ReDO. 

It's time that we start thinking outside of the box. It's time we get creative in our outreach efforts. And that is what ReDO is all about. 

ReDO is a church that reaches people differently than your typical church building. It's a community of believers who are intentionally doing life together, working out together, worshiping together, communing together, and serving together. You can walk into ReDO and lift weights, run on the treadmill, attend a small group, or participate in worship. And through the power of the Holy Spirit, lives will be changed for the kingdom - body, mind, soul, and spirit! Because we believe in the power of Jesus, and that church CAN be different.