ReDO Scoop

What is ReDO anyway?

  • The ReDO fitness concept is the 24/7 active church in the community via the fitness vocation. ReDO is a safe place where authentic relationships with people are done by serving people’s basic needs.
  • ReDO fitness has “A Church with Muscle” DNA, meaning ReDO helps people become healthier in body and soul.
  • ReDO has a unique blend of social conversations with physical fitness and spiritual wellness, where every inch of the ReDO church is working toward building God’s kingdom on earth.
  • At every location, ReDO fitness is led and operated by a called pastor ordained whose mission is reach beyond the walls and barriers to inspire spiritual and physical fitness.
  • ReDO is about “second chances”— transforming minds, hearts, and bodies with the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • ReDO enables God to meet with people in the Word and Sacraments.
  • ReDO intentionally networks individuals and small-group gatherings in homes, businesses, and communities using teaching, consultation, intercessory prayer, and small-group interaction.
  • Church volunteers are integrated into the ReDO fitness fabric.